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This is a sample of channeled alien writing by Dr. Christopher Viggiano, a New Jersey chiropractor and master martial artist. He claims to have started this channeled writing after several contact and abduction experiences as a child. The writing is "asemic" and he has no knowledge of the meaning but sometimes feels compelled to start writing it down. However, Dr. Viggiano feels that the writing can be read in several directions and may be, in some sense, multi-dimensional.

This is a sample of channeled writing by professional graphic artist Eric Hope from New York who began writing and speaking in alien language immediately following his abduction experience in 1987. Although the writing looks superficially like Chinese characters, the writing is not related to Chinese. Further, it is written and intended to be read from right to left, not vertically from top to bottom. Eric does not know the meaning of the language but feels comfortable translating Eng

This is a sample of channeled "asemic" star writing by Tati Tati from Greece. She writes in many different styles, does not know their meaning, and adds a highly artistic flair to the composition of the writing. Some of her writings have been shown to share characteristics with dead languages from the Middle East.

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