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"'How to Talk to an Alien' is an examination of a fascinating topic that will be invaluable in preparing humanity for a future that has already arrived. Nancy du Tertre directs our attention to an overlooked foundation piece to our missing exo-etiquette and exo-diplomacy."

- Travis Walton, star of "Fire in the Sky" true alien abduction story

"['How to Talk to an Alien'] is an impressive book. It is a straightforward factual book about alien communication. Ms. du Tertre offers a well-organized and easy-to-read discussion - the best one I've ever seen!"

- Lyn Buchanan, ret. U.S. Army Sergeant, linguist and military remote viewer

"A fantastic read! Nancy du Tertre's new book "How to Talk to an Alien' takes ufology to a whole new level. She makes the strong case that if aliens can shut down our nuclear missile defense systems and abduct human beings, we'd better learn how to communicate with them - and fast!"

- George Noory, radio show host of "Coast-to-Coast AM"

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